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Words from a Garden
Thoughts & ideas prompted by  visit to the Gibberd Garden
written by
Adrienne Tinn

Pincey Brook                                                                 


The Gibberd garden in the month of May -
Mid-morning with soft birdsong all around
A light breeze whisks the willow leaves in play
And shivers dew-dropped grasses on the ground
With tiny rainbows jewelling the green

In Pincey Brook how still the waters lie
Beneath tall trees that sentinel the scene
Its muddy brown reflects a cloud-flecked sky

Across the dam dark waters slide and flow
While gurgling through stones their soft sing-song
Where cow parsley and ferns and nettles grow
And buttercups tall-stemmed all wave along

A mother duck close by protects her brood
Who waddle in her wake down to the stream
To swim along and dip their heads for food
Then glide and disappear as in a dream

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