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Waltham Abbey
group summer outing 2018

The blistering heat of summer 2018 gave way to cooler temperatures and light rain - enough to dampen the shoes but not the spirits as we walked across the meadows and through the woods to Waltham Abbey.

There were14 in our party of pilgrims, moving across the landscape murmuring all the traditional vocals: 'who thought parking this far away was a good idea?', 'oh look, froglets',  'my shoes are wet', 'where's he going?'  and 'are you sure this is the right way?'

Our Abbey guide, Grenville Weltch, was excellent: enthusiastic and knowledgeable in depth - all the facts, and all the facts in context. His summary of the principal stages, developments and features of the Abbey Church from Saxon times to the present day was interesting and absorbing.  


The visit was rounded off with lunch in the Toby Carvery, Whitewebbs Park. 

Warm thanks to Alan Blunden for organising our visit, lunch and the nature trail that preceded and ended it. 

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