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'words for wadars' is an anthology of animal-orientated poetry produced as part of the fund-raising activities of the Worthing & District Animal Rescue Service.


Contributors from as far afield as USA submitted work: and Susan had Silky Sophie, Sootie, Victoria, A Tale of Two Cats, Lil' Bobs, and Sophie included! 


Susan's friends will not be surprised to l;earn that all the poems mentioned are about - cats. 


Copies of the anthology can be obtained from Susan direct, or by contacting wadars, Hangleton Lane, Ferring, West Sussex, BN12 6PP or ringing them on 01903 247111. 



Susan joined the Workshop in January 2015.


Her favourite subject to write about is cats - and so the first poem we  featured in her Showcase  was 'The Interloper' .


Now she has  had a poem 'Pen Cats' published in Cat Chat, the newsletter of the Harlow, Epping and District Branch of Cats Protection.











The Interloper


Bang! Crash! What a commotion!

The cat flap is going mad.

The yowling and hissing I hear downstairs

convince me it’s something bad!


I stagger groggily down the stairs,

wakened rudely in the night.

To witness a massive feral cat

giving birth with all her might!


My two sweet cuddly housetrained cats

just don’t know what to do.

Staring wide-eyed, aghast at me -

I feel the same way too!


I gather up warm and fluffy towels

for the queen to place her paws.

Doing my utmost to keep my distance,

well away from those keen claws!


With a final push the kittens appear

What a mewling, suckling team!

Our fluffy interloper now seems to look

like the cat that got the cream!


© Feb 2015





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