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Previous prompts


Starting with Feb '17 - selected randomly on the basis that it is close to when Jenny Knights suggested setting up an archive page - this is where we'll keep a list of prompts week by week. Perhaps the resource will provide moments of inspiration when the page remains stubbornly blank. There again ...

all the world's a stage

         explore this prompt through one's own writing, using

         metaphor and simile

... and then I realised what they meant

         these words to be included in work using this prompt

a/the joy that flies

who is Larry?


water Bottle

met by chance in France

domino ducks

get well card

ug loves ug

polishing off a pigeon

fudge brownie


romantic pancakes

talking tortoise

what's in a name

I'm wretched/retching

rusty spotted cat

daily male/mail

let the subconscious take over

the bendy plane

a free spirit.

pixillated baby

riding in a coffin

historic moment

develop an idea around a song


do you mind if I tell you why I'm really here...?

melancholic marshmallow


get lost

all alone


jacky's story

the naughty pond

under the patio

the mouse plays up

two trips

playing with the lights



the duvet in the toilet

the course (coarse) book

the choice

(the) underground

over the top

shut out the sunlight



give us a clue

bit of blue


end of summer


what I did on my holidays

brown (or your choice of colour) dwarf

ugly angels

busking (on street corners)

olfactory/ smells

rolls/ role play

my apologies


the shoe in the boot

the fence

the fleas

abandoned car

the interview

a lump of sugar

the/a disaster

appearances (can be deceptive)

rocky road

the caddy


appearances (can be deceptive)

rocky road

april showers

small bites/bights/bytes


the walking dead

leaving early


supercharged (tortoise)

leap into the dark/light

the lost hour

in the throes (throws?) of dementia

the inquest

all will be revealed

locally caught sausage            

the hole in the wall

I used to be good at marbles

baby in an envelope

everyday laughing

waving curtain

happily restricted


Janet is missing

psychic supper

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