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10 October 2019

a special meeting, hosted by

Michelle & David King,

followed by lunch at the Catherine Wheel 

HW patmore Heath meeting 6 (2).jpg
HW patmore 8.JPG
HW Oct 19 Patmore Heath 7 (2).JPG
HW Patmore Heath Meeting 4 (2).jpg
HW Oct 2019 Patmore Heath meeting 2 (2).
HW Patmore Heatgh meeting 3 (2).jpg

Spot the photo-bomber.

HW Patmore Heath meeting 3 (2).jpg
HW Patmore Heath meeting Ocy 2019 (2).jp

Put a dozen Harlow Writers in a room and you'll get all sorts of useful commentary and observations on matters to do with creative writing. Ask them where they'd like to go for a day out in the summer and they're useless. (I include myself in this. Ed.)

      Luckily, we have a grown up in the group. Michelle King,  and her husband David, invited us to  have a meeting in their delightful new home in Albury, and afterwards to lunch at the Catherine Wheel pub. 

    The Yellow House is both beautiful and welcoming, with wonderful gardens. It is in an attractive rural setting, on the edge of Patmore Heath: a grazing  common, complete with little black sheep.  

       The 14 Members who attended were all on best behaviour, and we had a fun and constructive meeting centred around reading work proposed for inclusion in the forthcoming HW anthology.

        Once the business of the meeting was concluded, we all walked to the pub - which, considering it is literally at the bottom on Michelle and David's garden, was not too arduous a task!

         After an excellent lunch the group broke up, some to go home, some to explore the Heath.

            A productive, fun and memorable day. Thank you Michelle and David. 

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