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The Writers Club by Simon Trelawney

At our 20 July meeting Neville, aka author Simon Trelawney,  read his 2023 long short story 'The Writers Club.'

   This wryly humorous  murder mystery featured a plagiarised novel and a writers' group that seemed somewhat familiar (apart, of course, from the plagiarism). But perhaps all writers' groups have much in common. Excluding murder, generally speaking, other than as a subject.

   The reading produced much laughter, and the intricate plot gave rise to a lively question and answer session to follow

   It had been hoped that it would be possible to feature the work on this website, or provide a link directly to the story from this page, but the size of the file has made both options problematic. Instead, to give Harlow Writers Workshop members an opportunity the read the text at leisure,  an email dated 24 June '23 has been sent by website administrator Peter to all members, giving access to a shared .docx file writers club ... _110904.docx

   Warm thanks to Neville for the sustained effort that produced an interesting  and enjoyable session. 



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