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Janet Hindley











Janet joined HWW in August 2014.


A keen writing enthusiast, she is also a Member of a writers group in Hertford.


In September 2015 she jojned the HWW cast of readers performing at the Harlow Arts Council 'Art of the Garden Party', and read the poem  published opposite.


British Summertime


Deckchairs, plastic chairs, chairs that fold

Windbreaks to keep us from the cold

Picnic blanket; hamper; flask

To help us with our outdoor task

To make the most of summer days

At concerts, parties, outdoor plays.

Sun block, writers block, chips off the old blocks,

Middle aged men in sandals with socks

Seagulls stealing ice-cream cornets

Insects bites from wasps and hornets

Candy floss and a funfair ride

Sudden downpours make you run and hide

Plastic macs and quirky wellies

Mud and tents and Glastonbury’s

And V-Fest music filling the air

The weather’s unpredictable but you don’t care

Because it’s Britain and summer time

And this is just a silly rhyme.

So celebrate; enjoy the day

Carpe Diem, as they say!

 © 2015



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