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Calendar of events



                                        June 1        Moot House (Hybrid)

                                       June 8        Moot House

                                       June 15       Moot House

                                       June 22,      Moot House

                                       June 29       Zoom only

The 2023 summer recess is: all Thursdays in August

May 11: please bring work of 200 words or fewer, your choice of subject.


PROMPTS FOR June 1 and June 8

a thing about caves

the workings of your mnd

tide waters

in the attic

wiped out

Please circulate work for the meeting by 6 pm Wednesday

(accompanying photographs or illustrations on a separate page)

If you prefer, you are welcome to bring a work by another author:

poem, prose, essay etc.

One piece of work per member, MAXIMUM 2 sides of A4, typed in 12pt. Times Roman (or equivalent) 1.5 line space.

If there is anyone who would like to talk to the group on a 'writerly'subject

of their choosing, please contact Adrienne or Peter. 

HWW subs - £10.00 per calendar month due from 1 Jan 2022

details from Treasurer Alan Peat.

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