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26 August 2021: Reunion!

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After many months of following the demands of social distancing, and utilising  Zoom conferences to keep our group together and functioning, we were finally able to meet again. So great was the pleasure of finally sharing real space with real people that almost any venue would have served: instead, our reunion was in the beautifully designed gardens that surround Michelle and David King's delightful Garden House home in Albury. 

       Our bring-and-share lunch was eaten seated around a table about the size of the flight-deck of good-size aircraft carrier, set beneath an oaken pergola heavy with grey ropes of vine, delicate pale green foliage and inverted pyramids of small green and yellow grapes. 

        The depressing and dishonourable news eminating from Afganistan, the bleak months of grim pandemic newscasts, all released their grip for a while as Harlow Writers, a common-interest group held together by somewhat more than just a common interest, laughed, drank tea, coffee and local wine, and munched on  an impromptu dejeuner sur l'herbe. (Well - sur le huge table really, but I was applying a bit of poetic licence).

         Did the sun shine? Not really. Did that make any difference? Emphatically not. Thank you so much. Michelle and David. Thank you everybody. Memorable.

         Oh - and when the subject of returning to meeting in-person at the Moot House was raised we didn't take a vote, but the majority were ready to return as soon as possible (with a few sensible ventilation and distancing caveats that don't need to be discussed here).

         To everybody who was not able to be with us - we look forward to seeing you soon. 

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